Broomfield United Methodist Church
Monday, August 20, 2018

Race Initiative






Silent beats:

Love Has no Labels:

Everyday Bias:

 It's time to revolutionize Race Relations:

An appeal on our inner judge:

How Unconscious Bias Holds us back:

Unconscious Bias: It starts with you and me:




Source Material for Discussions


Shakti Butler has a YouTube video on race:


Norma Johnson (Boulder) has materials to stimulate conversations among student:


Boulder YWCA – “Reading to End Racism” program trains people how to go into schools, read to students and engage them through books:


NPR – Had a good segment on ‘black man profiling’ (3/31):


Sojourners Magazine has interesting articles:


“Letter from a Birmingham Jail” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr:


Books by Grace Lee Boggs:


Michelle Alexander YouTube videos:    


Article from Daily Camera:


Interfaith Alliance and Colorado Council of Churches may be able to assist us with materials:

“Just Peacemaking” by Glen Stassen

“Let My People Go” Barnabas Forum Series



Article, Black in Boulder:


Article about white children and race:


Learn the history of Colorado and the experience of different cultures (Native Americans, Asians, etc):                  




“McFarland – USA” about migrant workers: