Broomfield United Methodist Church
Saturday, June 24, 2017


In the hustle and bustle at a crowded “Mondo-Mart” filled with shoppers, shy Taylor and the rest of her youth group have stopped for some last-minute snacks on their way to a fun Christmas camp. Taylor—not much for talking, but a great hide and seek player—has found the perfect hiding place. So perfect, in fact, that she doesn’t notice when the rest of the group boards the bus and the store is closed for the night! Hard to tell who is more surprised—Taylor, when she emerges from her hiding place, or the fun loving store mannequins who break their silence assuming that once again, the store is theirs for the night! Dude, You Hear What I Hear? is a rollicking adventure for kids that ensures that nobody will miss out on hearing the REAL Christmas story!

Chorus Parts:

A Chorus member in a musical is a person who is an intricate part of the story being told through song. Without the chorus the story would miss the connection between the scenes and the entire feel for what is happening on the journey! Chorus members will also have an opportunity to audition for Solos, Song Leaders. and Small Group Ensembles. Chorus members are often non-speaking characters on stage who also reinforce the story being told. Or you may just be part of the fun by singing and dancing! Please reinforce to your child that God is the audience. We are not performing for the community because they are also participants in the worship we are leading. A chorus member is just as important as a person who has a microphone. “There are no stars, only reflections of His Light.”

Cost: $50.00 per child

Each child will receive a CD of the full performance, script and a T-shirt of the production. In the past we have catered the cost towards individual needs. However, we have found that it really doesn’t work well due to the cost of the entire musical as a whole. We decided to list some of our cost below so you had some idea of what the entire production has been in the past. Remember these have varied form year to year but, it will give you a general feel for the expense. 

Purchasing the musical and all the copyright licenses: 670.00
Sound Technician for rehearsals and performance: 500.00
Rental of sound equipment, microphones etc... 300.00
Backdrops and Scenery: 200.00
Costumes, Props and T-shirts: 420.00
Snacks for Camp/Cast Party: 250.00
Approximate total production cost: 2340.00




Please fill out the registration form and turn it along with your check to Aaron Moore in the church office. You will then receive a script and CD.

Thank you for having your children be part of the Music Ministry at BUMC. I enjoy working with your children and watching them grow as they continue to serve the church through their many gifts.  

Peace, Kenda Meyer


Rehearsals and Performances



Sunday, Oct. 7 Sunday School Chorus Singing

Wednesday, Oct. 10 Wacky Wednesday 3:30-5:30 Chorus Singing

Sunday, Oct. 14 Sunday School Chorus Singing 

Wednesday, Oct. 17  Wacky Wednesday 3:30-5:30 Chorus Singing

Sunday, Oct. 21 Sunday School Kids Chorus Singing

Wednesday, Oct. 24 Wacky Wednesday 3:30-5:30 Chorus Singing

Wednesday, Oct. 31  No Wacky Wednesday

Saturday, Nov. 3 9:00-11:00 Full Cast Rehearsal Chorus Singers/Speakers (FamilyLifeCenter)

Sunday, Nov. 4  Sunday School Kids Chorus Singing

Wednesday, Nov. 7  3:30-5:30 Wacky Wednesday, Chorus Singing

Thursday, Nov. 8  4:00-6:00 Full Cast Rehearsal

Wednesday, Nov. 14  3:30-5:30 Wacky Wednesday Chorus Singing

Thursday, Nov. 15  4:00-6:00 Full Cast Rehearsal  (Pre-K and K 4:00-4:45)

Sunday, Nov. 18 Sunday School Chorus Singing

Wednesday, Nov. 21  No Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday, Nov. 28 3:30-5:30 Wacky Wednesday Chorus Singing

Thursday, Nov. 29 4:00-6:00 Full Cast Dress Rehearsal ( Pre-K and K 4:00-4:45)

Saturday, Dec. 1 9:00-11:00 Full Cast Dress Rehearsal

Sunday, Dec. 2  Preview in All Four Worship Services (pre-K and K)

Wednesday, Dec. 5 Wacky Wednesday 3:30-5:30 Full Cast Dress Rehearsal (Pre-K and K  3:30-4:30)

Saturday, Dec. 8 Full Cast Rehearsal TBA (Pre-K and K)

Performance: Sunday, Dec. 9 Performance 4:00pm in Sanctuary