Broomfield United Methodist Church
Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Just 10 LBS: An Invitation to Change
“Do you want to slim down? Lose 20 pounds? Or 30? Or do you have a general goal of ‘losing weight’? While these are admirable and totally understandable, consider setting your sights on something else – something 100% attainable. Take the pledge to lose Just 10 LBS,” says Brad Lamm. Using Brad’s book by the same name, this group meets once a week to share our experience, strength, and compassion on the road toward a new way of living – not just a new way of losing weight. Covering everything from body image to restrictive beliefs to developing a quiet, daily meditative practice, Just 10 LBS discusses all aspects of the emotional and self-esteem issues surrounding weight and food. Organized into a 10-step program that begins with identifying eating style and concludes with “paying it forward” (helping others around you as a way of helping yourself), the easy-to-follow steps in Brad’s book help reclaim our power over food and win the battle of the bulge; open emotional blockages that clutter our life; and create a lifestyle that emphasizes the mind, body, emotions, relationships and spirit.  Join group leader Michelle Howard every Monday morning from 10-11:30am offsite starting September 10, as we gather to support one another on this transformational journey. The book will be available for $16 (payable to BUMC) at the first session. An additional fee of $5 covers materials. Contact group leader Michelle Howard at to register.